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Open Positions

Lawn Crew Specialist

This position may require the employee to perform all, but not limited to, the tasks listed below.

This position is responsible for assisting the Lawn Care Crew Lead in daily operations including quality control, training, punctuality and safety. Candidates must also have strong organization skills, ability to complete appropriate paperwork, and possess good leadership and communication skills. The employee will provide quality service that meets or exceeds our customers’ and management’s expectations. The employee will show attention to detail and effectively communicate with subordinates, peers and his/her supervisor. All employees will possess a friendly, customer service minded attitude and will conduct themselves in a professional manor at all times. (Lawn Care Technician reports directly to the Crew Lead).

Support the Lead Daily/Weekly tasks:

1. Daily preparation of trucks, equipment, and inventory
• Report on time at regular start time (Shop) to prepare/review the day’s work with the Crew Lead. Company encourages this position to be the first to report & last to leave each day.
• Load all tools, gas, and other necessary equipment/materials. Secure all equipment safely.
• Check truck oil, fluids, tire pressure, proper trailer connection, and all lights are in working condition.

2. Perform and manage landscape and maintenance tasks on client’s properties.
• Work in conjunction with the Crew Lead to ensure the work contracted is implemented efficiently and according to the contracted specifications.
• Provide labor associated with the maintenance of all lawns & garden beds, including cleanouts.
• Perform all tasks of operations including but not limited to mowing, line trimming, blowing, leaf and debris removal, weeding, edging, hedging, raking and mulch installation.
• Receive openly “on the job” training safety, equipment, technique, etc.
• Proper use of safety equipment and Personal Protective Equipment and practices of the crew.
• Address questions or concerns with the clients if approached. Communicate customer’s questions immediately with the Crew Lead & Director of Operations.

3. End of the day duties.
• Complete time sheet. Complete all job site reports & report all sales opportunities to the Crew Lead & Director of Operations. Inventory and report all materials used on the job that day.
• Review the whole week’s jobs and prepare for the next day’s jobs.
• Unload/load equipment and material, clean out truck/trailer by removing trash, debris, etc. daily.
• Wash dirty equipment {including all mower decks} and return to storage location. Report damaged or broken equipment to your manager immediately to get parts on order.
• Fill truck, mowers, equipment, and cans with gas in preparation for the next day (or as necessary).

4. Strict adherence to company’s employee manual & procedures is required from all employees.


•Secretaries for landscaping companies answer phones, fax documents, keep track of invoices and may even update the company's website. Some even track the delivery of supplies, such as lawn and tree care materials, and make sure they are in good condition.
•Secretaries for landscaping companies are no different from those in other fields. They need to be skilled typists, as well as professional, courteous and organized. They also should have at least a basic understanding of grammar, math and computers.
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